Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yes, 16 more days and we begin our FULL-TIME RV life. Unfortunately we can't travel yet, the hubby has little more time before retirement. Plus, the TT we have acquired is '97 - 27' Dutchman / 1 slide. Would like to get a motor home between 24' & 30' to use to travel the US.

We see them all over the place but not enough cash right now , therefore; the PLAN... to live in the TT and SAVE SAVE SAVE... we have crunched the numbers and are confinent we can save upwards of $500 month just by moving into the TT parked in a local campground. This location will put the hubby closer to his current JOB. Not to mention we will save on rent/cable/internet ELECTRIC !! Hey the campsite monthly fee is LESS than our electric bill in the 3 br/1 b house we are currently renting. We will get free Wi-Fi, and things like pool, mini-golf, etc etc.. all included in the site rental... all that is EXTRA or non-existent where we are now. So I AM READY, yes.

Only 16 more days to downsize the 'stuff' === clothes , whatnots , computer desks ... you get the picture.. OH MY WORD.. pictures.. this is my goal today.. to finish sorting thru the family photos and discard most. Keeping only the ones that are simply unbearable to part with, but making sure not to keep all those 'duplicates'...
Many and I mean many will just be added to the ones my family has , that is if they want them.. otherwise here comes the refuse collector's truck.

Truly previous posters I have read articles from, all over the WWW... had it right the photos are probably the most difficult thing to part with... but we must accept that the memories are with us always. OK, so maybe my memory fades in the future... then the memories won't bother me cause I won't remember what I forgot LOL...

Anyway, hope to post again after we get settled in the campsite.


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