Saturday, October 01, 2011

Outer Banks Sunset

Today being October 1, 2011..I place this picture of a beautiful sunset, Joe and I witnessed on one of our trips to the OBX of NC.  One of our most favorite places to be or go.  Yes Joe lived there for most of his adult life, trasplanting himself inland only after meeting ME.  Oh, guess we will never know why he moved inland instead of me moving to the BEACH.  At any rate it is history now. 

Now is here, tomorrow is there and everywhere!  The posting is to remind me of our goal.  You see today we have embarked upon a new adventure... having downsized our 'stuff' we have moved into a 26' TT (travel trailer) which we parked today in the local  campground.

Why you may ask?  First to be sure we can 'handle' the small living space.  After all, it isnt' just  Joe and me... we have two Chihuahuas as well, Ebony (black female) and Cocoa (brown male). 

The 'Adventure'  is to become full-time RV'ers.   Not just vacationing in our RV, but living in it!  Yes, everyday for the rest of our lives.   Come along, watch, follow as we explore God's beautiful USA and ourselves.  We hope to met lots of new neighbors, 'temporary neighbors' if you will.
Many will be in our lives for very short spans of time... an hour, an afternoon, a weekend?   Many will remain in our hearts even once we have gone our separate ways.  ALL will remain our TEMPORARY NEIGHBORS.

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