Monday, June 25, 2012

Good Morning

Good Morning ALL!  

  Hope each and everyone of  you had a great week-end.  The first week-end of SUMMER 2012, wow time sure does fly.

  We had a good week-end, just hanging out at the campground and attempting to stay cool as we could.  One way we did this was try out a new 'cooking gadget' we found at the local Wally-World.. We first saw it on one of those TV infomercials, but dediced to see if we could find it LESS the S/H charges.   It is called a Past Bowl, and since pasta is definitely one of our favorite foods, why not cook it with less energy and by producing less heat? 
  Only makes sense right?  Less water, less heat... and FASTER to the table!  What could be better?  Well, the answer to that is that the Pasta was awesome!!  Cooked to perfection. No kiddin' it was so so good. 

  If  you love pasta , you might want to check it out ,  it was UNDER $6 bucks! 

P.S.  I am NOT being compensated in anyway for promoting this item.  I just feel it is my duty to share when I find a great item, that actually does what it says... and even beyond. 


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