Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Last Day of SPRING, 2012

It is the last day of SPRING for 2012, and the weather is great.  Here where we (currently) are  camped out in the Southwind, we haven't experienced but a couple of days in the 90's as of this point in time.  However; that is sure to change ... change is definite in all things, especially weather wise.  Even more so in Southeastern NC... there is a saying among the locals  here... " If ya don't like the weather, just wait 'bout 15 minutes, it is bound to change. "  LOL and believe me it is more true than not.

I am about to take advantage, as I try to do most pleasant days... and go  for a walk.  Y'know it is  'spose to trim the waist and firm the hips...LOL...this still remains to be seen so far as my experience goes.  Guess I gotta walk  MORE.. well I did a full 30 minutes yesterday, that's gotta count  for somethin'

Will see if I can get a picture worth sharing on this page, while I'm out and about.
Wish me luck...

            Sorry, didn't get a decent pic, maybe I'll have better luck next time.

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