Sunday, July 15, 2012

Says to Self.. SELF!

Ok, Self...got a few more weeks til fall/winter, so just want to remind you to be more thankful of the current weather, after all ya do gots a/c! So here is that reminder....

Remember the ICE storm end of 2010

Then thar was the SNOW in 2011...Yep, It got heavier by the minute

This was out the back door on 8th St. --- Sure was cold...Remember...ok SELF i'm talkin to ya!

This one is out the Front door on 8th St.

So now...enjoy the warmer air with A/C for long as ya can, now ya'hear

Not saying anyone else out there is complaining, I just thought I'd share the fact that I was reminding MYSELF of what is surely headed our way sooner or later...Unless of course ya'can put them'thar wheels in motion.

Later All
Marsha , Joe, Coco & Ebony

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