Thursday, July 05, 2012

Sure hope everyone had a wonderful and enjoyable FOURTH of JULY holiday.  Spent time with family and or friends. 

As for me and Joe, we definitely enjoyed his 1 day off in mid-week.. beginning with sleeping in a little beyond 6 a.m.  :)  . 

We really had not "planned" anything in particular.  So about mid-morning we began the "what ya wanna do dance"  and ended up taking a short ride out to where I lived back in 1998.  

The spot  is waaaay back in the woods, down a gravel road...exactly ONE MILE down the gravel road.  It was a small lot with a really old (circa '70's) mobil home, on it.

The State of NC  wanted and got the property for inclusion into the Lumber River State Park.  I had not been there since I sold the property to the state, and wanted to see if the trailer/mobil home was still there.   Guess what it was gone... LOL   wellduhhhh what did I expect . it was a dump, a DUMP I tell you. 

Next stop was to go to the actual entrance of

  Lumber River State Park

I   actually had enough charge on my phone to get a few pictures to show you just what a beautiful place this is.
To read more should you be interested please check out the link...
There is lots to see and do in this park, however; camping is limited to one night and it is PRIMITIVE only. There are NO hookups. 

Here are some of the pics I got , hope you enjoy... please be advised they were taken with my Straight Talk  phone...

For this shot  I nearly fell in.  Got down closer to the edge to shot a pic down-river.

Next, it was back to the RV, it was NAP TIME!!  LOL  OH, how I love my afternoon naps, but this one went on long... I was interrupted by Joe around 7:30 p.m.   My son, stopped by for a visit, and brought GIFTS... in the form of a nice fresh local grown (son truck farms veggies) WATERMELON!   His comment, "what is 4th of July without a watermelon?"  And, I must confess, I agree 100%.

We will cut it tonight after it has cooled a bit ... so much better cool.   I like mine with a dash of salt sprinkled on it.  Hey, don't knock it unless you try it first.

I know it was late, but after my son left, we grilled our steaks. umm yummy, good.  Know it was bad thing to do, but we decided to forgo the veggies, and opted to just have a slice of Italian bread and a baked potato with the steak.  It was so good. 

And, that was our FOURTH of JULY.  Not all that exciting, but we enjoyed it, and that is what counts. 

LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH.... till later.  Have a great day everyone.

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