Thursday, August 09, 2012

Stormy path(s) ?

"Don't confuse your path with your destination.  Just because it's stormy now doesn't mean that you aren't headed for sunshine."  Unknown

I am so thrilled for each of you living your RV dreams. 
Whether you bought NEW or got a great Used deal...Hoooorah! for you!
Thrilled when a Sun shinny Path is being experienced by anyone.

Our Path is currently, a bit Stormy
Back last May, we were able to purchase a used '85 Southwind,
Found it only a few miles from where we were, so that part was great.

Took an afternoon, went and looked it over.
Even took a 'mechanical friend' with us to give us an unbiased opinion.
The price was right (for the make/model) so we bought it.

Now thing is we ARE living in it from the day we brought it to the campground.

Fridge works, however; would like it to work on elec. and it won't ..capable, but for unknown reason it refuses to switch to elec. when the propane is turned off..or runs out.

Two a/c units... great, but can only run one at the time (30 amp thing) ..unless we use the gen...  but of course gen use is not allowed in campground.
This is our 'storm' ...will get to that lil later.
Stove, micro, water heater (gas only) all work just fine.
Not that we need the stove... we prefer to use the NuWave oven.  and now have the
NuWave cook top... love it , works awesome and without heating up the RV.

Bed sleeps ok, and it is 'walk around' which I love much better than being
crunched up against a wall. Especially when it comes to changing the sheets.

We would have liked to remove the booth and put in chairs instead, but underneath the seats ... is location of the gas heat units (2) ... one under each seat.  So that sort of kicked that idea in the head.

Real  good is roof in great shape, and was only one window which leaked when it came really hard rain.... got that re-sealed , so good to go there.

The awning is also in great shape, obviously not original to the RV.  Plus we did get it secured on each end with straps and anchors...and sufficient enough tilt so that rain doesn't pool.

Now I post all of this to get to discussing the BAD....

WHY oh WHY do / did they put a roof mount A/C ... OVER THE BED???

We did not realize that the a/c unit over the bed would cause such a situation? problem?  Call it what ya want.  It is quite a problem, currently for us anyway.

#1 It needs cleaning and filter changing. 
#2 Neither of us feel comfortable climbing onto the roof...
I am just not steady enough on my feet.
And well...Joe definitely has problem when it comes to height, ladders etc.
We both may well be too heavy for the roof, not sure , but don't want to find out the hard way either.

This has resulted in the condensation LEAKING thru the unit...and of course right ONTO the BED.

I have used 'doggie pads' to catch it, towels, and even large bowl.  But ya can't SLEEP on the BED with all this going on.
So, opened up the sofa, and we both slept there last night, and was comfortable enough... definitely DRY.

So now.. to figure out WHO to call, HOW to pay for it,
and get the dang thing serviced.

Any local followers reading this...suggestions appreciated. Thanks

Now just have to share this photo.  In all of Ebony's 5 yr life,
She has always loved sleeping this way, but I have never
 (til last night)
been able to catch here in a photo.

I promise I did NOT pose her.
She loves sleeping on her back..
with her front paws out and over the covers.

Here she is on the sofa pillow and worked her way underneath the quilt... oh I should photograph and tell that story (another post for sure).

Can ya tell.... I LOVE MY LIL EBONY!!

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."
 - Dr Seuss


Annie said...

It could be that you just need to tighten the bolts on your A/C which will compress the seal and prevent the condensation from finding its way inside. Luckily, you do this while standing on your bed instead of up on the roof. Don't know what your ceiling looks like, ours ('96 Fleetwood Bounder) has carpeted panels that hide the A/C guts.

Once you get up into the ceiling, you should see 4 bolts. Tighten these and see if that doesn't solve your problem. It's also possible the seal needs to be replaced, which means taking the A/C out and so a bigger job.

Also, if you can get someone to go up top to look, make sure the drain holes and not clogged so that the discharge of water can roll harmlessly off your roof instead of pooling up inside your A/C.

Good luck!

The Good Luck Duck said...

If you follow Annie's suggestions and can't fix the situation, check RV Service Reviews for your area.

Jim and Sandie said...

I bet there is someone in your campground that would be than willing to go up on the roof and check things out for you. If we were anywhere close, Jim would be glad to do it for you. And definitely use RV Service Reviews.

Travels with Emma said...

You can get an electric 'wand' installed to heat your water with electric. I did that on my first fulltime rig. Sure helps to save the propane.