Saturday, September 22, 2012

Am I back?

Good Question...
Am I back?
This past couple of weeks has been trying to say the least, in respect to my laptop and connectivity anyway.
See about a month back we gave in... and that message that constantly tells ya
 "Your computer is unprotected"
 and coaxes you to try NORTON... yea that one.
Well, we gave in and did the "TRIAL"
at the end we decided NOT to purchase, and seems that was the problem.
I think NORTON took offense!
The laptop ran super slow, if we could even get connected.
When connection was made...more problems!
The IE kept crashing (not responding), even yahoo.mail would not work!  And oh my goodness, forget FB :) games LOL.
It really got bad... worse became even worssserrrr.. Not a word,  but better than some that some people would use :)
The hubby, decided enough is enough.  Went to trying to work his technical magic on things.
He really is pretty decently 'self-trained' in working on our computers/laptops/tablets oh, and phones too :)  Don't know what I would do without him fixing that stuff for me.
I have no idea what he did or didn't do... just that the end result was that the laptop was back to
FACTORY --- Out-of-Box
Nothing , nodda, zip
NOW ya gotta reinstall..... everything....
Ok, now you are saying ... mmmhummm now she has an UNPROTECTED system!
Well not really, only for a couple of days.
See months ago, we had seen an item on HSN
 (Home Shopping Network)
and decided that was what we wanted to get ASAP meaning soon as we had the spare $$$
SO, now was the time.  Too much at risk.
About the same time as the NORTON trial was running out,
we went to hsn.com and placed our order.
Free Shipping
10 Licenses
So protection for 10 different PCs... laptop,desktop either .
Cool thing is each license protects for the life of  that system.
Also includes lifetime updates.
So, now my current laptop is protected... as well as the next NINE that I may end up with.  Doubtful I'll live long enough to wear that many out.  LOL
They offer 3 or 10 licenses
Oddly enough the $ is the same for either one... so
I got 10, duhhh.
To be perfectly honest, only had installed a couple days now...
But I was amazed at the quantity of 'threats' it found and removed from my 'newly out-of-box' system!
I'll update on how it does... in future posts.
P.S.   Keep watching... I have some really good BIG news coming up in a short short time.
For now , I have to be quiet... sworn to secrecy :)


The Good Luck Duck said...

Arg. Computer problems. I remember them from my pre-Mac days. :D Also, my wife is an IT professional, so that's lucky, too.

IE is considered to be a big, wooden horse filled with trouble. Have you tried Chrome or Firefox?

Marsha & Joe campers4lifex2 said...

Yes, I have used Chrome and Firefox... Safari as well. Nothing would work til he wiped it clean.

Mac? His nickname was JoMac when we met. But MAC isn't in our budget these days... however; a Macbook is HIS dream machine for sure... maybe Christmas? shhhh

JO said...

Not to many wanted to believe me about Norton. I think Norton is Big Brother. LOL Anyway I am useing a freebe AVAST so far so good. Good luck.