Tuesday, June 26, 2012

an AHA Moment..

Ever been doing something.  Trying to at least.  Found you didn't have 'everything' that you really needed? 

This sorta-kinda happened to me today.  Just a few minutes ago actually.  I was working on my crafty little Mailbox  Christmas ornament project and dreading the next few  stitches were definitely going to  require me to  THREAD the needle again!  Yikes! 
Ya know how it is, right?  The old eyes just  aren't what they used to be, and of  course ... WHERE THE HECK is that 'needle threader'?

Remember, I mentioned not having all the stuff needed for a project?  HeHeHE, well I had what I am calling an "AHA MOMENT" .... and I took a pic to demonstrate it a bit better. 

See Scotch Tape on thread end, pulls through thru like a CHAMP
and the tape comes right off.

Well, doubt it is as phenomenal as inventing the wheel, but for me it seemed like a milestone for humanity at this point.  :)  HAHA, I am so proud of myself. 

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