Thursday, July 19, 2012

Busy as a Bee? Prob not

This morning has been fairly busy as busy goes for me.   I try not to do too much in any one given day.   LOL

Up at 6 a.m. 
Braided JN's hair for him.

Son came by and used printer for his produce shipment labels.

Then calls had to  be made...
   necessary to schedule us both with Dr. appts.  just one of those little life necessities... assuming ya wanna keep on living this life.  And WE do, most definitely.
OK, done...two appointments , same Dr.  only 3 days apart, that is so great.  Only way could have been better, would be if we could have both been seen on the same day.  Some times ya jus' haf'ta take wha'ca can git.   The good news to this is that not long wait, we both will be seen within same week...7/31 and 8/3 .  This pleases me , a lot.

Lunch, yum.. was really good cause I forgot to do b'fast. 

Now for the rest of the day, will spend a bit of time on FB most likely.  Could take a nap, not sure, have to wait and see if the mood strikes me.

Once JN gets in from work, we will prepare dinner...tonight the menu is his Garlic Pasta... note I said HIS :)  Means momma is OFF kitchen duty...at least til 'doing dishes time comes around'.  Which I really do not mind, I love doing dishes.  Neat thing about an RV is that when I am in the kitchen doing anything... JN is only a few steps away, definitely within ear shot, so no "Huh? what ya say ... wait I'll be right there"... LOL   I  used to hate that in a SB house.
Of course, I informed JN long ago about this, so he has refrained from calling me away from dishes etc., ... well unless he is just purposely messing with me. :)

After dinner plans currently, include grocery shopping for next five or six days of our meal plan.  Maybe I'll have a big side-by-side fridge in my next RV, would be nice.  Don't need much,  but the fridge only holds so much, so as you all know ... you really have to plan things out. This is turning out to be a GOOD thing, as we tend to  do a lot less impulse shopping and most everything purchased has a specific plan for it ... including time and method of use.

Will be back to the RV, so we can either catch something decent on the tube ... or so we can do some web browsing in preparation for our next move.

Later gaters
After while... well you know  .... byeeeee for now

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Bill said...

I seldom comment. I guess I'm a lurker. Good luck with tour blog, I'll be reading. Don't pay any attention to negative comments, write for yourselfand it will be OK!