Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rain and Wind

Whoa There!  We had a thunderstorm earlier, and wouldn't you know it... the awning is/was out.  Felt the RV rock a bit, I go.. WHAT was that.. and JN tells me he saw the awning rise UP up UP and then back down, it caused the RV to rock fairly good ... or bad maybe is better word... Well sorry it was absolutely pouring rain so we  opted to PRAY instead of go out in the thunder lightening and wind... Pray worked :)  yea!!
There was maybe another 15-20  minutes of rain, and it was all over, and awning + RV are both no worse for the wear.  Thank You Lord! Amen!

Now on a bloggin note:  WELCOME to the Quack Quack Good Luck Ducks, our newest followers..

For now I have to try and get some rest... tomorrow is family day + we are celebrating Dad's 85th Birthday @ Pier 41 (local seafood joint)... maybe I'll get a few decent pics.

Left to Right
Mom, Sister Myra,DAD (back row)
Brother Gary,  Sister Gwen, ME ME (second row)
Brother Sidney, Sister Beth (front)

Above pic taken early late 60's ... since I know baby sis was born in 64


John said...

Just stumbled onto your site and being a fellow Tarheel and rv owner hoping to full time I'm compelled to follow along.

Marsha & Joe campers4lifex2 said...

Welcome John, the more the merrier...and Most definitely a fellow 'Tarheelian' humm is there such a word.