Sunday, July 22, 2012

Great Day to Celebrate Dad's Birthday

However; it is in the high 90's with heat index around 102*...This morning was nice and I definitely enjoyed sleeping in just a bit longer than weekdays (6 a.m.)

Today being Sunday, and also with Wednesday being Dad's 85th birthday, many family  members gathered with him and Mom at Pier 41 ..which is their favorite local Seafood resturant.  I didn't get a head count but lets see...

Dad w/Mom reading his B'day greetings 
Happy 85th Birthday DAD
Myra's son Jeffery and his wife Brittany
Sis, Gwen
Gwen's Daughter Amy and her hubby Aaron
Gwen's granddaughter (by another child) Norah
Sis, Beth
Two of Beth's girls... Maranda and Jamie L.
Brother, Sidney and  his lady friend Pam
Brother's sons.. Aaron and Logan
Aunt Mae (mom's sister)
Me and my hubby and my son, Shannon

Think that was the whole crew that made it today.
If I left someone out...hopefully they won't read this particular blog post , LOL.

Marsha , out....

P.S. On the way back to the Campground from the Resturant, we stoped in at local
Wal-Mart and picked up some tiedowns for the awning... about time wouldn't ya say :)

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