Monday, July 23, 2012

Typical Day?

It's Monday...will it be typical? Only time will tell.

So far, I woke @  6 a.m.
Yes, I braided Joe's hair for him, before work.
The commercial lyric... "MMMmmm goood to the Last Drop"
comes to memory, however; I would ad
 .. Best Shared with someone you love!

Sent Joe out the door on his way to work,
all items:  Personal cell, work cell, company ID tag, keys, bottled water
ya know the drill....
We do try to not forget anything important.

He claims I make him go... but we both know the truth.
The truth IS NOT, that he LOVES it... but that for now it is

Yes, it is MONDAY...no storm last evening, Thank You LORD!
Even tho we did get the awning anchored, I feel so much better now.

Now, I feel as if I am typing  gibberish,
  OK,  so what.. maybe I am. 
You have the option to close out the window.
  Please don't... Please hang in just a little longer.
  I love visitors and page views.
  Don't we all?
  Of course we do.  Besides, I view your pages.
 Your beautiful photos, all your funny quips and such. 
 I'm not all that, but I am trying... (now I'm laughing at myself)
 After a bit of very enjoyable 'blog browsing',,,
 I also tend to endure a bit of
FB....eek , yes, guilty!
I enjoy playing some of the games from time to time.
Currently stuck on level 36-2 of Grumpy Goats.
But other more important things take precedence today.

Today I must do some laundry.... so saving for now and will continue to blog once chores are complete... you don't get to read til the day is over..

Wow, it is only 10:00 a.m. seems like my Monday is progressing fairly well.
Time for a walk around the campground.

Back... walk/exercise DONE!  Glad that is over before it

Sitting here looking out the window as I update today's activity...
what do I see??

I Spy a local POLICE CAR cruising by.
(sorry didn't get pic of the police cruiser) 
Certainly has my curiosity up, but no lights and sirens so I'll assume nothing serious going on.
Confirmed, just a 'patrol drive by'.. to make LE presence known.   I like that, gives one a feeling of security.
Next a nice looking 5ver is rolling in, Camp Host leading them to their site.
This is stuff for the 'newcomers to RV/Camping life'
NOT for YOU seasoned guys.

As you can see, I tend to rant on and on...
'cause I really don't have anything all that interesting to
about ....

As the day progresses (2:45 p.m.) I now have dinner
going in the crock pot.  Yum, spaghetti tonight.
Best of all, Joe doesn't have to cook, since he isn't texting me, I know he is having a very busy day.  He will be so
tired when he gets home.
I was right , and he was thrilled that dinner was already done and waiting.

So too early to eat just yet, we have time to sit , chat and let him unwind from the day.
Actually, he got a short nap in before dinner.
It is SO HOT! The humidity is awful. 

Dinner done, dishes cleaned up and now just to relax and have a good nite ..
Hope you all have the same.

Tomorrow is TUESDAY :)
I plan to be back!
Hope that you will come again.  Til then...

Marsha, OUT !


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