Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Great evening

Even though today's forecast was for 96* with 3-digit heat indexes..
It actually wasn't too bad.
Things around the campground were quiet as usual, I stayed in the
air conditioning mostly, while Joe was off toiling at work.
After he got home , we had our usual chit-chat discussing our day.
Was good that Joe's day was pretty uneventful.
Sometimes they can be pretty wild, but those posts just aren't allowed.
We decided to have dinner just a bit earlier than we often do.
So Joe went out to light the grill  about 5 p.m.
I put the pasta in the pasta bowl... little contraption that microwaves it.
By the way, I  simply love this little thing.  Perfect pasta every time.
Tonight it was Mac n Cheese.

Sky started getting dark as we lite the grill.  Just in time we decided.

I just love catching him unaware !
This is the 'braid' I do every morning before he leaves for work.
Was longer than this way back when.  He CUT it just before we met, rather than asking me
if it was a problem. 

After dinner, sky so pretty, this shot out the window.

That's all folks, back tomorrow ...
Hope you all have a great evening, and safe travels if your on the move.


Jim and Sandie said...

Beautiful cloud picture - but it looked pretty mean. Did you get a storm? Jim loves mac and cheese but since I don't eat cheese, I never make it. He will actually order it when we go out to dinner sometimes.

Marsha & Joe campers4lifex2 said...

Thanks, I'm always amazed at the pics my cheap phone takes.

Apparently we only got the very outer edge of the storm, thunder and lightening quite distant and the rain was barely enought to call it that. Had we been in a car would not have needed the wipers.

As for the mac n cheese, Im not a big cheese eater either, so we always have leftovers.. I rarely eat more than half cup of the stuff. It was the green beans and steak that made my day :) ...which I forgot to mention in the post.