Thursday, July 26, 2012

Blog Blog and more...

Blogs, yes I have been busy reading one after another this morning.  Not just those most recently written but have been browsing into quite a few archived posts.

I am quite interested in the type of work full-timers keep  themselves busy doing, just for the sake of busy? or for the sake of keeping a few $$$ in the bank account.

For Marsha and Joe it will be necessary to pad the bank account as we travel, once we get going, that is.   Thus, the reason for our constant researching the possibilities.  Work'kamping' as it is called presents itself with a seemingly endless list of possibilities.  However; I am not convinced as to the ease of getting into IT.

For example, I recently saw an advertisement for help in a close by campground, with the phone number and contact information (name)...however; when attempting to call, all I was able to get was a full voicemail.   This was definitely no help.  The ad is still posted, leading one to assume that it has yet to be filled with a capable person or couple.

Many others are too far away for us to attempt to contact currently.  Since we really are not sure how much longer we will have to 'park' our wheels in our current location, it is just not feasible to search further than 'our current backyard'.   The owners here at our current location seem to have all the help they need or at least are willing to put to work.

There is of course a few things we simply must take care of before we can 'leave'...
  • The propane tank needs replacing.  $250 ?
  • Passenger side mirror - requires remounting
  • Three way fridge - only wants to work on propane..so how do I make it switch over to electric (preference when parked)
  • New locks for the outside storage bays (some missing - some no keys)
  • A/C needs serviced... working great,but sure needs cleaning
  • AND...we are definitely gonna need a way to TOW the Caravan
So for now, I'm gonna go back to enjoying my .....coffee... refining the 'to-do lists' and of course... more BLOG reading.

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