Friday, July 27, 2012

Breaker Breaker (electric that is)

Not a breaker on the RV, but within the campground.  Near full capacity tonight, and with so many units using 50amp and running a/cs full blast... guess that is expected.
At least it seems so here.  Not unusual actually, it happens all  too often for one reason or another.

Just a few days ago the owner said he replaced multiple breakers in one of the BIG junction boxes. I watched out my window, as they worked...cause obviously they had to turn the power off while working on it.

Earlier this evening, around 4 p.m. power went out, it was breaker(s) in another junction box... one just across from our site. 

Explanation was that heat built up inside the junction box and caused all breakers or main to trip so as not to burn everything out completely.  I understand electrical to some extent , so it sort of makes sense.  And we are still experiencing extreme heat and high heat indexes.. so there ya go.

What ever the case/problem, will sure be glad to see lower temps real soon.

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