Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mouth watering RIBS

Really not much going on today.
It's a lazy (hot) Sunday, however;
the lazyone...


The Finished Product .. ON the Table

Table all SET , ready to Bless and DIG IN

Joe's digs!

Mine... ALL MINE!

It was awesome, Joe made the sauce and though I don't know all he put into it...
I do know he had a bit of left over FRESH pineapple.

Now... it is nap time, I think Joe has already beat me to the zzz's

And yes, the babies got to taste, just NO bones for them EVER!


BYE for now...
Marsha, Joe
Ebony & Cocoa


Jim and Sandie said...

Now that is some good lookin' lunch. So much better than my bologna sandwich. Our girls never get bones either. But they sure do like to taste.

Campers4Life said...

True, 'taste' never hurt nobody...right. These two always get a nibble of whatever we have , 'after' we are done. Absolutely fordiden that they beg while we are eating... but we do have to scold them now and again if the 'whining' gets too distracting. LOL

Shoeless Joe said...

That sure looks a lot better than my lunch.

Judy and Emma said...

Could Joe come to North Carolina and cook a little for me?? :)

Campers4Life said...

I must confess, Shoeless... it was awesome.

Campers4Life said...

Hey, Judy ...he is already in NC :) ...just can't say for how long. Common over, he will be thrilled to whip up some southern vittles fer'ye... fo'shore :)

Campers4Life said...

You know you are in his ole stompin grounds .. OBX is where he has spent most of his life.. from the age of 16 until he met me @ ripe age of 43... how I got him away from that part of God's wonderful world I'll never understand.

Luci & Loree said...

Wow, that looked REALLY good!!!

Sunny said...

Oh... delicious!!