Friday, October 05, 2012

Promises... Promises

I PROMISE, I'm gonna do a 'real' update...  soon.
For now though... all the riding has gotten to my back, actually it isn't the riding... more the bouncing...maybe we should have gotten a 5er?  Would that have been less bouncy?  I dunno?
Anywho.. it is what it is,  and we thank God that we have a comfortable 'home on wheels' .

I want to learn how to share photos from my new phone..it shouldn't be that hard, but I am just pretty much techno-NO-NO-NO

For now , please endure the 'repeat shot' 

Marsha & Joe ....unhookin' and movin' again!


JO said...

Maybe your doing to many miles in a day. Try to slow down and enjoy.
A man once told me if you have to make schedules your doing it wrong.

TexCyn said...

Oh ouch, sorry about your back. I've never towed anything, so don't have any experience in that venue. Does the trailer make the truck bounce more then?

Unknown said...

The hardest part is the slowing down part. BTW. Are you guys here yet?

Marsha & Joe campers4lifex2 said...

Jo - no schedules, not for us, no more :) NO 'time clock' for Joe anymore either.

TexCyn - I am sure the camper in-tow has an affect and creates more bouncing...but it is actually more the roads are so our of repair.

Finally, Bryan, yes we are HERE and Gate Guarding, Joe just got his first PAY CHECK yesterday (26th) Woohoooo!!