Monday, December 24, 2012

Can YOU Believe I'm posting... and MERRY CHRISTMAS

I so feel that I should apologize for not posting for such a 'very long time'.  But I'm not gonna. 

Explain I will:  Busy, tired, overwhelmed, confused about what to write about.  Yea, that and more, having begun our Gate Guarding life, well it truly took more of our awake time than I had imagined.  Not in a negative way at all.  However; with the adjustment to our sleep schedules, meal preparation and consumption as well,  Not much we do in our awake time doesn't get interrupted by a need to log in some traffic. 

The traffic!  Wow, amazing... every size and type of vehicle you may imagine... except for 'cars' of course.  Tho, there are a few now and again, not many at all.  Mostly big rigs, water/vac trucks, flat beds, cranes, every type of construction equipment you can think of from rollers to huge front end loaders and backhoes. 

The humans!  Amazing!  Mostly of the male persuasion, but occasionally a female is tossed in the mix, for the most part the females are 'sales reps' from one service company or another.  Then there are the 'housekeepers' hired to keep the crew's quarters in more livable shape.  The males of course, are the bosses, the job crew, inspectors, tech people...etc. etc.  THEY ARE ALL absolutely the most courteous folks I have ever met.

The Critters!  Yes, they are out and about... and INSIDE the gate with US...  LOL.  No problem, we love (for the most part) observing them.  But,  of course we haven't SEEN any we actually should be leery of, thus far.  We have seen plenty of Black Angus cattle, a few javalina (distant) , tarantula, roadrunners, rabbits, and the latest... a group of 6 absolutely beautiful horses. 

A recent sunrise...out our front door!
Internet!  The connection I can be a challenge, using our AT&T hotspot from out Galaxy III S phone...you still have to find the right 'spot' to get a sustainable connection.  I'm not very patient, so when the connection comes and goes... it doesn't take long before I just give up and go to playing solitaire or SNOOD... or other offline game I have.  We have considered getting one of XBox Kinect systems, just so we have more games to choose from, as well  as a creative way to exercise.  Since I don't feel quite comfortable taking a walk and possibly coming across a 3-4' rattler.. think I'll pass on that one.  :)  Have always considered myself to be a pretty down-home country girl, but I'm NOT that country  LOL

Before I close today's post.. please allow me to Wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas.  A joyous holiday, and a prosperous New Year! 
We will not be home or with family this year.  But are so thankful we were able to send a little something to my parents and all our siblings.  Sorry, maybe next year we can include all the nieces and nephews into the giving list... There are gonna be TWO more God willing... So a special Merry Christmas to the new (in the oven) Great-niece "Olivia Clarice Martin"  coming soon to the loving arms of Candice and Justin my niece and her husband. 

Wasn't able to make the baby shower, but rest assured the shower gift is on the way, and I know she will be truly surprised.
A second niece Brittany is also expecting and will deliver a few months after "Ms. Olivia" arrives ... so wonderful to have a new generation coming into the family.
In other news:  The word has it my nephew Justin (USAF) will be re-stationed... leaving Italy and heading to New Mexico  in the early spring 2013. 



My new by-line?   I'm NOT a writer... I'm a blogger. So There!


TravelBug-Susan said...

Thank you for the update. How long have you been gate guarding? We lasted two months.

Bob got a good job in San Antonio so we're here for a while.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Marsha & Joe campers4lifex2 said...

Hi there, Susan.. we are into our 3rd month now. Lovin' it too. As anything in life, there are of course good days and not as good days, but I can't say we have had any bad days.