Friday, March 15, 2013

Is it 3 or 4?

Blogger, my computer (new) or the hot spot... maybe combination of all three.  Four if you count ME...really causing problems getting a post done.  I'll keep trying, maybe figure it out.  When and IF I do... will have some blog for you to read or ignore, your choice.   HAHAHA! 

So, for now I'll get back to daily routine of Gate Guarding...JEN is helping out for a few minutes at another gate a few miles down the road. 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

That time of year... RESOLUTIONS !?!?!?

I have ONE....I RESOLVE to be MORE THANKFUL than I ever have been before in my life.

I have always had much to be thankful for.
I have often been thankful,
 and given thanks,
 and praised my Savior for every blessing....
I simply desire to attempt to be even more thankful this year
 and every day
for the rest of my life...
Not just for this one New Year .
I'm not a writer.... I'm a Blogger.

Another day of Ramblin' on....

After a couple of days with minimal traffic (at the gate) it is back to work, the frac will begin soon.  We haven't experienced this operation as of yet, but I hear tell it is constant trucks in and out ... guess we will see how our experience pans out very soon.

Christmas Eve, we had a very few vehicles to log in. Christmas Day, even less eventful, not one vehicle to log until nearly 9 p.m. when the 'boss' got back on site. 

Everyone pretty much had the day off, which is the way it should be.  I prayed for their safety, as many had really long drives and just as long to come back once the Holiday was over.  Seems today they all made it back in one piece, 'answered prayers' are a wonderful thing.

Christmas in South Texas is surely different from back home (NC) ... however; the cold temps certainly made it feel  more like it should for this time of year.  Then the WIND.. oh my, 20-25 m.p.h. and gusting up to 50 mph...sand blowing all around.  Then the chairs and table outside decided to play in the wind.  We managed to get them secure and came back in to the warmth of the camper.

Finished off the gifted food of Smoked Turkey and pumpkin pie.  Really good and appreciated.

Since it was so quiet on the 25th,  we were able to connect by phone with so many family members.  Spoke to pretty much ALL my siblings, my parents and my son.  It was really good to have uninterrupted conversations for a change.

Then late Christmas Day...  around 8:30 p.m. I got a call from my oldest sis.  Mom had stated earlier that she didn't feel well... a comment she apparently made to more than one several times during the day and festivities.  After my sisters drilled her more, they decided it was time to pay a visit to the ER...so that is where they were when I got the call. They decided to admit her overnight for observation as well as to schedule some tests.  A colonostopy is in order it seems... I pray for good results.  It is in God's hands.  Mom is 85 as is Dad.  She has some heart issues, so I also pray that whatever they decide, it will not require any surgery.  I know she is in good hands, and the GREAT PHYSICIAN,  well... I pray HIS will be done... In ALL  our lives, daily.

First row: Mom & oldest sis, Myra
Back: Sis Gwen, ME (ugg)  and Sis Beth
Love ya all... and pray God allows us to be together again in a couple of months.

“Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes


I'm NOT a Writer..... I'm a Blogger!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Can YOU Believe I'm posting... and MERRY CHRISTMAS

I so feel that I should apologize for not posting for such a 'very long time'.  But I'm not gonna. 

Explain I will:  Busy, tired, overwhelmed, confused about what to write about.  Yea, that and more, having begun our Gate Guarding life, well it truly took more of our awake time than I had imagined.  Not in a negative way at all.  However; with the adjustment to our sleep schedules, meal preparation and consumption as well,  Not much we do in our awake time doesn't get interrupted by a need to log in some traffic. 

The traffic!  Wow, amazing... every size and type of vehicle you may imagine... except for 'cars' of course.  Tho, there are a few now and again, not many at all.  Mostly big rigs, water/vac trucks, flat beds, cranes, every type of construction equipment you can think of from rollers to huge front end loaders and backhoes. 

The humans!  Amazing!  Mostly of the male persuasion, but occasionally a female is tossed in the mix, for the most part the females are 'sales reps' from one service company or another.  Then there are the 'housekeepers' hired to keep the crew's quarters in more livable shape.  The males of course, are the bosses, the job crew, inspectors, tech people...etc. etc.  THEY ARE ALL absolutely the most courteous folks I have ever met.

The Critters!  Yes, they are out and about... and INSIDE the gate with US...  LOL.  No problem, we love (for the most part) observing them.  But,  of course we haven't SEEN any we actually should be leery of, thus far.  We have seen plenty of Black Angus cattle, a few javalina (distant) , tarantula, roadrunners, rabbits, and the latest... a group of 6 absolutely beautiful horses. 

A recent sunrise...out our front door!
Internet!  The connection I can be a challenge, using our AT&T hotspot from out Galaxy III S phone...you still have to find the right 'spot' to get a sustainable connection.  I'm not very patient, so when the connection comes and goes... it doesn't take long before I just give up and go to playing solitaire or SNOOD... or other offline game I have.  We have considered getting one of XBox Kinect systems, just so we have more games to choose from, as well  as a creative way to exercise.  Since I don't feel quite comfortable taking a walk and possibly coming across a 3-4' rattler.. think I'll pass on that one.  :)  Have always considered myself to be a pretty down-home country girl, but I'm NOT that country  LOL

Before I close today's post.. please allow me to Wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas.  A joyous holiday, and a prosperous New Year! 
We will not be home or with family this year.  But are so thankful we were able to send a little something to my parents and all our siblings.  Sorry, maybe next year we can include all the nieces and nephews into the giving list... There are gonna be TWO more God willing... So a special Merry Christmas to the new (in the oven) Great-niece "Olivia Clarice Martin"  coming soon to the loving arms of Candice and Justin my niece and her husband. 

Wasn't able to make the baby shower, but rest assured the shower gift is on the way, and I know she will be truly surprised.
A second niece Brittany is also expecting and will deliver a few months after "Ms. Olivia" arrives ... so wonderful to have a new generation coming into the family.
In other news:  The word has it my nephew Justin (USAF) will be re-stationed... leaving Italy and heading to New Mexico  in the early spring 2013. 



My new by-line?   I'm NOT a writer... I'm a blogger. So There!

Friday, October 05, 2012

Promises... Promises

I PROMISE, I'm gonna do a 'real' update...  soon.
For now though... all the riding has gotten to my back, actually it isn't the riding... more the bouncing...maybe we should have gotten a 5er?  Would that have been less bouncy?  I dunno?
Anywho.. it is what it is,  and we thank God that we have a comfortable 'home on wheels' .

I want to learn how to share photos from my new phone..it shouldn't be that hard, but I am just pretty much techno-NO-NO-NO

For now , please endure the 'repeat shot' 

Marsha & Joe ....unhookin' and movin' again!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

More later

Just a quick update to say... we are truly rving now. 
We said our goodbyes to almost everyone.  Explaining we will be back .. afterall NC/Robeson County is our HOME.
We pulled out yesterday (9/28) at 10:00 a.m. headed S SW. 
 Taking our time and getting into the swing of things... LOL... or in the groove.
  WOW, South Carolina roads are rough to say the least.  We have traveled them many times, but never with a TT in tow.  Definitely something to get used to, and this we shall do.
I have a new phone, and it takes great.. I mean GREAT pics, but I'm not good at doing it while riding down the road.  I also still have to figure out the fastest or most direct route to get them HERE.


Ebony enjoying the ride, using Cocoa as a pillow? 

Our new set up
2012 Silverado
2003 R-Vision - Trail Lite
This is pic I snapped at our campsite last evening.  We were in South Carolina.

This was a really nice RV park "Heritage MH and RV Park"  in Augusta, Ga.  A really nicely kept, very neat and clean.  I commend the folks here for doing such a great job.  The owner was 'old school' ... CASH only,  $25.00 FHU.  As in the pics.. all the sites were level, marked with cones, had concrete pads with picnic table. This one wasn't shaded, but didn't matter.  We were only stopping to sleep the night and had no intentions of lounging outside :)

Today, Saturday 29th, we put a couple hundred more miles on the Silverado and got to Lagrange, Ga.
No pic to post... we were really tired and once set up... went straight to bed for a 'NAP"   lol
My nap went from 5 p.m. til nearly 9 p.m.   So here I am playing on blogger while Joe is working up something for us to eat. 

More later (tomorrow night)  and I'll do my best to have a few decent pics.

Headed further South, down thru Montgomery, Ala. since we have some family there we may stop in for a bit.  But doubt we will stay the night there... want to put a few more miles behind us.

Night all  tc and GOD BLESS!