Saturday, September 29, 2012

More later

Just a quick update to say... we are truly rving now. 
We said our goodbyes to almost everyone.  Explaining we will be back .. afterall NC/Robeson County is our HOME.
We pulled out yesterday (9/28) at 10:00 a.m. headed S SW. 
 Taking our time and getting into the swing of things... LOL... or in the groove.
  WOW, South Carolina roads are rough to say the least.  We have traveled them many times, but never with a TT in tow.  Definitely something to get used to, and this we shall do.
I have a new phone, and it takes great.. I mean GREAT pics, but I'm not good at doing it while riding down the road.  I also still have to figure out the fastest or most direct route to get them HERE.


Ebony enjoying the ride, using Cocoa as a pillow? 

Our new set up
2012 Silverado
2003 R-Vision - Trail Lite
This is pic I snapped at our campsite last evening.  We were in South Carolina.

This was a really nice RV park "Heritage MH and RV Park"  in Augusta, Ga.  A really nicely kept, very neat and clean.  I commend the folks here for doing such a great job.  The owner was 'old school' ... CASH only,  $25.00 FHU.  As in the pics.. all the sites were level, marked with cones, had concrete pads with picnic table. This one wasn't shaded, but didn't matter.  We were only stopping to sleep the night and had no intentions of lounging outside :)

Today, Saturday 29th, we put a couple hundred more miles on the Silverado and got to Lagrange, Ga.
No pic to post... we were really tired and once set up... went straight to bed for a 'NAP"   lol
My nap went from 5 p.m. til nearly 9 p.m.   So here I am playing on blogger while Joe is working up something for us to eat. 

More later (tomorrow night)  and I'll do my best to have a few decent pics.

Headed further South, down thru Montgomery, Ala. since we have some family there we may stop in for a bit.  But doubt we will stay the night there... want to put a few more miles behind us.

Night all  tc and GOD BLESS!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Am I back?

Good Question...
Am I back?
This past couple of weeks has been trying to say the least, in respect to my laptop and connectivity anyway.
See about a month back we gave in... and that message that constantly tells ya
 "Your computer is unprotected"
 and coaxes you to try NORTON... yea that one.
Well, we gave in and did the "TRIAL"
at the end we decided NOT to purchase, and seems that was the problem.
I think NORTON took offense!
The laptop ran super slow, if we could even get connected.
When connection was made...more problems!
The IE kept crashing (not responding), even yahoo.mail would not work!  And oh my goodness, forget FB :) games LOL.
It really got bad... worse became even worssserrrr.. Not a word,  but better than some that some people would use :)
The hubby, decided enough is enough.  Went to trying to work his technical magic on things.
He really is pretty decently 'self-trained' in working on our computers/laptops/tablets oh, and phones too :)  Don't know what I would do without him fixing that stuff for me.
I have no idea what he did or didn't do... just that the end result was that the laptop was back to
FACTORY --- Out-of-Box
Nothing , nodda, zip
NOW ya gotta reinstall..... everything....
Ok, now you are saying ... mmmhummm now she has an UNPROTECTED system!
Well not really, only for a couple of days.
See months ago, we had seen an item on HSN
 (Home Shopping Network)
and decided that was what we wanted to get ASAP meaning soon as we had the spare $$$
SO, now was the time.  Too much at risk.
About the same time as the NORTON trial was running out,
we went to hsn.com and placed our order.
Free Shipping
10 Licenses
So protection for 10 different PCs... laptop,desktop either .
Cool thing is each license protects for the life of  that system.
Also includes lifetime updates.
So, now my current laptop is protected... as well as the next NINE that I may end up with.  Doubtful I'll live long enough to wear that many out.  LOL
They offer 3 or 10 licenses
Oddly enough the $ is the same for either one... so
I got 10, duhhh.
To be perfectly honest, only had installed a couple days now...
But I was amazed at the quantity of 'threats' it found and removed from my 'newly out-of-box' system!
I'll update on how it does... in future posts.
P.S.   Keep watching... I have some really good BIG news coming up in a short short time.
For now , I have to be quiet... sworn to secrecy :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Patriot Day

Yes, 9-11-2012, eleven years have passed....and we shall NEVER FORGET!

Won't forget where we were, what we were doing, nor the initial disbelief...thinking 'this can't be happening'. 

I am no 'author' and certainly can't ...won't even try to come up with any astounding blog post.  I simply want to express that Yes, I too will never forget!


Free Stock Photography: Remembrance. Image: 11537
© Photographer: Paige Foster | Agency: Dreamstime.com

Opps, DRAFT MODE ..late posting :)

What a difference ONE YEAR can make in a life.
For US... this past year 10/1/2012 - 10/1/2012...
Has been awesome, even though we haven't left town YET!
It began as a plan to eliminate the horrible expense of house renting and way over budget/priced electric bills.
I mean come on a 1200 sq.ft. house - $450. + utility bills ?
So the wheels in my head began spinning... that explains the funny sounds up there :)
And I say to myself... Self, this is so uncalled for it is just stupid.
Not calling anyone stupid , mind you... just the situation.
We were paying the bills, keeping up... just never having anything 'left over'.
Isn't that what is supposed to happen, have something left over for that perverbial  'rainy day'?
Back in 1999, when I first met the love of my life, my inspiration, my wonderful husband Joe... I made a comment ... this comment
I can be happy in a cardboard box, so long as I have YOU!
And I meant it!
Believe me, I began to think it might happen a couple times.
In addition..
Over the then 11 years we had been together we had moved MANY MANY times.
For various reasons...
Better Job
Better House
Sold a House
Bought a House
Sold again
Moved to OBX - THE BEACH
Moved to Florida - Friends and Disney were there!
Eventually after looking at how many times we moved.... even changed states.
It became clear we ARE NOMADS.
Our house should be on WHEELS.
No need for boxes... pack and unpack!
No more need to hire movers or
Rent a truck and 2 men.
Sounded great, now convince Joe?  Hummm...
It was easy... No sooner than the words
"Let's buy a camper and LIVE in it, travel and go where and when we want"
came out of my mouth... He was ALL FOR IT as well.

Now.. Next thing, find a camper we can afford?
Tough to do with no money.. I mean zilch!
As things go... and I won't use the word L__K, cause I don't believe in it.
There is no such thing as L__K, all thing happen for a reason, a purpose, a time and a season...  no such thing as coincidence either.

God has his plan for us all.  We must ask, listen and be ready to act.
Obstacles appear, but God moves them when we are going in the direction He wants us to take.
 Just my belief, you don't have to accept it.  But nothing in or on this world can change my mind on this subject.


It was actually two months in a row, the summer of 2011, that jumped up and over the $450.00 per month in utility costs.
With me having a pension that is 'fixed' as many do you can understand that major budget changes can and often do create total disaster with cash flow.
So began/begins our journey, tho late in life, better late than never...
Onward to Gate Guarding in Texas.
Yep, the "oil patch" of Texas!!
So what has this PAST year brought for you?