Friday, June 29, 2012

HOT HOT HOT...  Am I ready?  For the "heat wave", I sorta doubt it, but gonna grin an bear...or is the bare?  Current plan is to stay inside and pray the a/c holds up.  May have to crank the ole'gen and run both a/c units for at least the afternoon hours. 

You understand the campground has 'rules' about gen running.  But I'll quote the owner as saying "he would run generator and stay cool" ...  wonder if he will remember that statement, should I  decide to do just that.?   Bottom line, not gonna, unless I absolutely have to do it.

Give you some facts about what today is expected to bring, weather wise...

Woke up to 73 degree temps

Afternoon temp forcast calling for 103 degrees

With heat indexes reaching up to and over 107 degrees

All I can say is I'm ready for NEXT WEEKS 96 degrees!

That is gonna be a cold front .. in comparison to what this weekend has planned for me.  


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

an AHA Moment..

Ever been doing something.  Trying to at least.  Found you didn't have 'everything' that you really needed? 

This sorta-kinda happened to me today.  Just a few minutes ago actually.  I was working on my crafty little Mailbox  Christmas ornament project and dreading the next few  stitches were definitely going to  require me to  THREAD the needle again!  Yikes! 
Ya know how it is, right?  The old eyes just  aren't what they used to be, and of  course ... WHERE THE HECK is that 'needle threader'?

Remember, I mentioned not having all the stuff needed for a project?  HeHeHE, well I had what I am calling an "AHA MOMENT" .... and I took a pic to demonstrate it a bit better. 

See Scotch Tape on thread end, pulls through thru like a CHAMP
and the tape comes right off.

Well, doubt it is as phenomenal as inventing the wheel, but for me it seemed like a milestone for humanity at this point.  :)  HAHA, I am so proud of myself. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Christmas is just around the corner...

Therefore; I am  working on my 'creativity'. 

Good Morning

Good Morning ALL!  

  Hope each and everyone of  you had a great week-end.  The first week-end of SUMMER 2012, wow time sure does fly.

  We had a good week-end, just hanging out at the campground and attempting to stay cool as we could.  One way we did this was try out a new 'cooking gadget' we found at the local Wally-World.. We first saw it on one of those TV infomercials, but dediced to see if we could find it LESS the S/H charges.   It is called a Past Bowl, and since pasta is definitely one of our favorite foods, why not cook it with less energy and by producing less heat? 
  Only makes sense right?  Less water, less heat... and FASTER to the table!  What could be better?  Well, the answer to that is that the Pasta was awesome!!  Cooked to perfection. No kiddin' it was so so good. 

  If  you love pasta , you might want to check it out ,  it was UNDER $6 bucks! 

P.S.  I am NOT being compensated in anyway for promoting this item.  I just feel it is my duty to share when I find a great item, that actually does what it says... and even beyond. 


Friday, June 22, 2012

Been a few days..

Hello all,
It has been a few days since my last post.  I have been busy working on the blog layout and attempted to get it monitized.

Well that flubbed up??? I have no idea why?  The e-mail that I got sure made no sense to me, LOL.   I apparently have some 'unacceptable' content.  Really?   If you see it,  would you please clue me in as to what it is... so I can remove it.  For real? 

For the moment I'm gonna have some enjoyable conversation ith the hubby. I'll be back later.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Last Day of SPRING, 2012

It is the last day of SPRING for 2012, and the weather is great.  Here where we (currently) are  camped out in the Southwind, we haven't experienced but a couple of days in the 90's as of this point in time.  However; that is sure to change ... change is definite in all things, especially weather wise.  Even more so in Southeastern NC... there is a saying among the locals  here... " If ya don't like the weather, just wait 'bout 15 minutes, it is bound to change. "  LOL and believe me it is more true than not.

I am about to take advantage, as I try to do most pleasant days... and go  for a walk.  Y'know it is  'spose to trim the waist and firm the hips...LOL...this still remains to be seen so far as my experience goes.  Guess I gotta walk  MORE.. well I did a full 30 minutes yesterday, that's gotta count  for somethin'

Will see if I can get a picture worth sharing on this page, while I'm out and about.
Wish me luck...

            Sorry, didn't get a decent pic, maybe I'll have better luck next time.