Furry Friends

Will try not to bore you with pics of our babies, of the furry kind.  But as all who are pet lovers, as with our human children... we just can't seem to brag on them enough.. so This page is dedicated to our pets... Present and Past.

They are our two Chihuahua babies.  Though not really babies anymore... Ebony is 5 years young, she is the black one.

Born 2-9-08

This is what I call "The Ebony Stare" ... I often get it when I call her name... as if she is saying leave me alone, can't ya see I'm into "daddy" and NOT you. LOL


Born 2-6-2003
Coco, just loves laying around, and he does.  He claims the floor, chairs, laps you name it.  However; he can't get on the bed any longer without help.  Arthritis ya know... poor baby :(
Coco is well the senior of the group, counting up at 10... which is 77 in dog years.  He is definitely a bit on the slower side these days.


 NEVILLE, the most wonderful PIT you could have ever known.  
      R.I.P beloved Pet, Neville

Fond memories...
He would take a pea from your lips WITHOUT touching them.

Allowed the cats to eat from  his bowl, while standing between HIS front paws.

Always,always slept/rested nearest to the human he perceived to be the weakest in the house at the time.

Though I never did, I would have been comfortable leaving my (at the time, 18 mo. old niece) alone with him.

No matter how much we may 'trust' our canine friends, it is just not smart to be TOO trusting with them around small children.


Anonymous said...

I know who the 18 month old at the time was... and yeah as her mom, I would have trusted that move also..

Marsha & Joe campers4lifex2 said...

Hey sis, why did you sign 'anonymously' ??