Monday, January 30, 2012

Closer to the DREAM

Dreamin that is US on the road!
We filed our income taxes this past weekend, bringing us a bit Closer to the Dream, of becoming Motorhome owners. It is definitely going to take more than what we are getting back from the IRS and State taxes, however; this surely is a nice 'drop in the bucket'. So the savings continue....

Future posts will keep all updated... come along as we push forward.....

Friday, January 27, 2012

Windy night...

Good morning fellow campers and rvers. Last night was fairly windy with gusts up to around 30 mph, the lil'ole TT held it's own. Frankly, other than the window cover (which was closed) trying re-make itself as a new style alarm clock, the wind posed no problems at all.

So, coffee is so so very good this morning. Good thing too, since it is raining cats and dogs making it impossible for the morning walk, at least for right now. I will be content to sit here and write a few words.

Ok, will confess.... also have the morning news tuned in on the TV, and will be quite pleased when they find something to report on besides POLITICS ... :) This is all I will say on that subject, other than when the time comes please VOTE ... We all should exercise this right @ every election.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

We have been in our 26' TT for 3 full months (since 10/1/2011)... Definitely decided this is the life for us, so now are very actively searching for that "MOTORIZED" unit.
Limited funds, but we are convinced and devoted to doing IT.

Not likely to wait for hubby to be able to 'retire'... plan now is to find the right unit, make the purchase and hit the road. Life is way too short, and there is no guarantee that either of us will still be around or even healthy enough to travel, thus our decision is to just "do it". Prayers and good wishes most appreciated.

Hope to see you down the road some day soon.