Tuesday, April 24, 2012

SPRING? Really?

NO! This was 2011 Snow in NC

Can you believe this SPRING snow in 2012, amazing but alas, not unheard of.  My best wishes, go out to all those experiencing this drastic change of weather on the East Coast.  Keep warm, and stay healthy.  As for me, still staying inside due to the 'sinus' thing.  Getting better and really looking forward to warmer days.  Until then ....enjoy every day and everything it has to offer!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring time & Sinus uggg

Spring is in the air... and with it , you guessed it!  POLLEN!!
I have been so sick with sinus problems that it hurts to even think.  I'm going to get better, yes I am , I said it so it shall happen.   Well,  eventually.  

So for now I'm headed back to bed for more much needed rest. 

Promise to be back tomorrow (or maybe later today) , and as soon as I can bear the 'outside' ... I will definitely try out the new camera and share with you what I capture within its frame, hopefully we will find a couple of exciting things together.

BYE  BYE for now.